Something new!

Hello, fans of Dragon Literature, and welcome to the newborn blog. I'm not quite sure yet what I'm going to be using this for, but I thought it might be a good idea to start it in order to communicate more with you, and also to track my own progress over time. (In part, it will also encourage me to update the site more often!)

I am also hoping that it will allow me to update you with information about my activities in other ways than simply shouting in home-page news fragments or tweets.

That's a good place to start then, I guess. I'm recovering now from the excitement of having both a book and an original cast recording available to buy in the shops. That was a big moment for me, as both projects were a long time in the making and, while the stage production of Out Of The Lens was the main goal, there's something about holding a physical object that makes a mark of its own. The show is down for now, and Nick and I are working to revamp it, make it a little longer, and hopefully see what more we can do with it next year.

Audience feedback was, I'm delighted to say, universally positive, but there were a few things we would like to change, some that were rushed because of the time constraint in Edinburgh, and a few that never went in for the same reason. Details will be posted up as soon as we have more information.

As for The Puppet Master and the further mysteries of the MSCE? Check back in a couple of days for the next post. Ta-ra for now.