What's next?

Hello again!

So I promised last time that I'd talk about what was next in the MSCE series. Well, as you know, the first book, The Puppet Master, is now available to purchase. I am hoping to accrue some reviews for it, get its profile raised a little, and see where I can take it. I'm a complete newbie to the world of publicising novels and don't really know what I'm doing, but I've seen some good sites that should help and the publisher is going to send out press releases for me, so that's a big help.

The second book is also finished. Entitled The Night Banks it takes the adventure of the first novel and pulls it into the world of conspiracy and questions of trust. I just re-read it to go over the first edit before re-drafting, and I must say that I'm excited to get it out there and see what people think about the next step in Oliver's adventures. I'm afraid it's a ways off yet and probably won't see light of day until the end of next year, but I'll keep you up to date on the progress.

Lastly I'd like to raise awareness of a concert that I'm co-producing, and for which I'm musical director, on November the 16th. Entitled Limitless, it is raising money for Parkinson's UK - a charity that has a very personal meaning to the organiser, and which does a lot of good work in the world of research into Parkinson's as well as support to those suffering from it. The show is at the Wenlock & Essex in Islington, London. If you're free that Sunday, please come along. Show kicks off at 18:30, and the venue is in a themed pub, so getting there early won't be dull! Fantastic performers will be singing there, and we are hoping to raise a lot of money for a good cause. Please go to this Facebook event for details. As a side-note, the Out Of The Lens OCR will be available to purchase in CD form there, and £2.50 for every CD sold will go to the charity.