COMPETITION: Win an eBook copy of The Puppet Master

Hello everyone! It's competition time. I said I would post this yesterday, but things got a little hectic with the Limitless concert, which was a fantastic evening - it raised over £300 for Parkinson's UK, by the way! - and then the London Underground was so messed up that I got home too late to post.

Anyway, to the matter in hand. As well as hopefully sharing some of the joy the NaNoWriMo gives me, I am also celebrating 100 followers for the Dragon Literature Facebook page and over 250 followers on Twitter. To that end, I am giving away 5 eBook copies of The Puppet Master. All you need to do to win one is to read the first chapter, which you can do by clicking here, read my NaNoWriMo blogs, and then get in contact with me using the form here.

Send me a message with the subject "Puppet Master Competition" and answer the following questions:

1) Ben Wattler was invited to a party that his wife would not let him go to. For whom is the party being thrown and what is the occasion?

2) I quoted Leonard Bernstein in my Toronto NaNo pep talk. He said that in order to do something amazing, you need to have two things: a plan, and what?

The deadline for entry is 23:59 GMT on November 30th. Five winning entries will be randomly selected after this. Winners will be notified within 5 days after the deadline, and will be sent instructions on how to download the eBook and a unique bookstub code for use on the Trafford website. In order to redeem the code, you will have to submit your name and e-mail address to Trafford Publishing, but you may opt out of receiving any marketing from them. You will be able to select which format of eBook you would like to receive. There is no alternative to the prize.

Your personal details will be used by me solely for the purpose of getting in touch if you are one of the five winners.