NaNoWriMo'14 blog 5: Completion and not...

We are drawing towards the end of the 2014 NaNoWriMo, and I am both pleased with myself and a little disappointed in my NaNo efforts.

I've been in Canada since the 18th, spending a few days in Montreal and the rest of the time in Toronto. I had to come back to deal with some remaining admin from my time living here. However, it was also a wonderful opportunity to catch up with friends and old colleagues that I've not seen since April, or even longer.

My decision process as to whether I would return to live here again or not is a discussion that could take up an entire post and still not have a firm resolution. However, I have had the most wonderful week and a bit, and I still have a few days left. This, of course, is still my NaNo blog, so maybe I'll talk Canada later on.

Why am I pleased with myself? I finished the third book in the MSCE Investigation series! It has a working title, but I've since decided that it would suit the fourth book better, so I need to come up with another one. I finished it on day 20 this year, which I am very excited about. My next job is to finish editing The Night Banks, book 2, but that has to wait until after November.

That said, I'm disappointed because my word count has fallen off since I finished. I began book 4, but I had no idea of where it was going to go. The series was meant to be three books and, although I managed most of the key plot points I had planned, there is no way that the series could finish without a fourth novel. This left me completely stuck and at risk of knee-jerk reactions that would spoil the continuing story. So, I switched to short stories.

These have been going okay, but without the overarching goal, I've found myself meeting the wall that is writer's block. I am not happy with the work. I have been writing every day, but nowhere near even the NaNo target on most days, let alone my own.

The upshot is that I have left the NaNo target in the dust, but my own is now all but unreachable - I would have to write 7,000 words per day to hit 100,000 words. Very possible, and I could do it, but it is not the future words that disappoint me, but the chances I've had over the last few days that I have squandered.

As far as the future is concerned, I have work still to do here, and also I have met many new friends and still not seen a couple of old ones. I will add to that word count every day, little by little - I am about to do some work for today right now - but since I'm only here for a few more days, I have more important things to do than write.

David's word count (as of November 26th): 72,001
Global word count (as of 15:35 GMT on November 27th): 2, 419, 322, 052

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