This is what forever feels like!

I am writing this blog entry - even more horrendously overdue than the last - about quarter of an hour shy of twelve hours after I started playing (Settlers of) Catan with the awesome and equally crazy people that I work with at Snakes & Lattes in Toronto.

The event is the fourth annual Catanathon-Against-Cancer. I make no particular attempt to hide the fact that I do not enjoy Catan, but there are few causes for which I would be happier to play it, or be around people playing it, for over twelve hours straight. We are approaching 7AM EST and, at time of writing, we have 4 more hours of play paid for through donations that have come in.

If you are reading this soon enough that we are still playing (check the livestream at, then please support this fantastic cause. As a side-effect, the more money that we raise, the longer we keep playing. We're aiming for 24 hours, if we can keep it going that long.

The new job is awesome though. My job is to recommend and teach people board games. For those who are not versed in the modern world of board games, we are not talking Monopoly, Life, or Snakes and Ladders - though all of those still exist. There are thousands of board games out there, and I think it is probably safe to say that there is probably a game out there for every possibly personality.

This is the first time that I have had a job that I am regularly sad to leave at the end of the evening. I meet awesome people every shift, and I get to share the joy of my obsession with other people. That is a great thing, and I'm glad that I have found it!

On the flipside, I have been working a lot recently. We're almost half way through NaNoWriMo and I'm not even ten percent of the way through my goal. I really need to work on that...!

Back to the island of Catan. See you once I stop counting ore - or bricks - or sheep...