"Behold, as a wild ass in the desert, go I forth to my work."

Yes, for those that read my last post, this is another Dune quote, spoken by Gurney Halleck on the titular planet. Gurney is a character never lost for a quote appropriate to the situation, and this is a saying he offers to Duke Atreides on acceptance of an order in the first third or so of the book.

It has been a little quiet for the last couple of weeks. I'm sure those that have moved house, let alone country, might understand that my mind is elsewhere at the moment, and you would be correct! This will be my last blog post from England for a while. However, you might also have noticed a change on the website itself.

A new page has appeared under the 'Books' tab entitled 'Card History'. This is the beginning of a long-term project to write a factual book about the history of playing cards, with a focus on the recent explosion of cards into the hundreds of card games that can be found on a good game shop's shelves today. No longer are we just familiar with the French Deck and the Tarot - there are thousands of decks of cards out there, each featuring individual artwork, appeal and game mechanics.

If you are a card gamer - be it with one of those myriad decks, or with the French Deck, please feel free to fill in the survey that I link to on that page. It would very much help me with the beginning of my research. Only 100 people can take part, so if it's closed then that number may have filled. At the time of writing, it is open by a good margin.

Naturally, the move is also eating my time. I am taking a brief respite from packing up my life to write this. I depart British shores on Sunday, and will be gone for at least a year, all going to plan. I will write more once I have established myself back in Toronto.

Until then, work is resuming on the redraft of MSCE book 2, The Night Banks. Nick and I are also working on some new songs, details of which will be forthcoming once we're happy with where we are. The dragon is taking wing but, as far as you, dear reader, are concerned, isn't really going anywhere!