Logo design © 2014, David Kingsmill and  Liz Bonsey

Logo design © 2014, David Kingsmill and Liz Bonsey

The life of an exotic dancer is a private and challenging one. Jade has lived it for years, and has finally decided to tell her story. From spinning around a pole to university studies, she is offering a rare glimpse into the daily, private life of a girl who bares everything once night falls. Some things may be just what you expect, and others may surprise you. Either way, this sensual monologue will certainly open your eyes in more ways than one.


★★★★★ "...a unique chance to listen to the hard and sometimes comical truth about being a strip dancer ... the script...is an outright triumph ... the performance has the perfect woman for the role..."
- Natalia Equihua, Broadway Baby

4/5 "... this frank, unapologetic monologue stands out as a mesmerising piece of theatre ... an intelligent, informed and powerful woman ... Unforgettable stuff."

- Laura Gavin, Three Weeks

"...not only highly entertaining, but extremely thought-provoking ... extremely honest, direct and makes no apologies ... great moments of comedy and also true moments of great sadness ..."
- Haydn James, www.londontheatre1.com


The Dancer: Chipo Kureya
Writer: David Kingsmill
Director: Sarah Redmond
Make-up: Eleanor MacVeigh

"A play that kicks stereotypes into touch and reveals complex motivations and job satisfaction that many dancers experience. Stripping exposed for some of its realities rather than the usual myths."
Dr Teela Sanders, Reader of Sociology, University of Leeds
  Principal Investigator, The Regulatory Dance: Lap Dancing in the Night-Time Economy

THE DANCER - Chipo Kureya

THE DANCER - Chipo Kureya

Show advisory:
18+ for brief nudity, strong language and adult themes
Also club-style lighting and loud music


Photographs by Electric Smoke Photography - from the London preview at the Hippodrome Casino, 30/07/14