RECOMMENDED by the US Review of Books - click here to read the full review. "...a unique, supernatural tale." "...Xavier's writing shines, giving credence to his storytelling power." "...we certainly have more to look forward to from this emerging and promising new novelist." The Puppet Master has also been awarded the Gold Seal of Literary Excellence by Trafford Publishing. New cover image to follow soon.

Oliver Soames is a Detective Sergeant in the Metropolitan Police Service who is called out to an apparent open-and-shut murder-suicide which turns out to be the doorway into a world he never knew existed. All around us are Strangers - people with unique abilities to do things that most of us cannot. Soames finds himself inducted into the Metropolitan Special Circumstances Executive - a secret branch of the police force dedicated to monitoring the Strangers, and ensuring that they do not disrupt the lives of those around them. The only problem is that there appears to be a murderer on the loose - and it is one of them...

The Puppet Master is the debut novel from David A. Xavier, and the first of the MSCE Investigation series.

Available NOW in hardback, paperback and eBook formats from Amazon, Trafford Publishing (eBook also available from from Barnes & Noble and Indigo). Other retailers may carry it.

Cover design  © 2014, David Kingsmill and  Liz Bonsey

Cover design © 2014, David Kingsmill and Liz Bonsey

A quick bonus excerpt, that I feel sums the story up well:

“Sorry. I’m just tired. I…”

I discovered yesterday that there is a secret branch of the Metropolitan Police Service working in amongst us that involves itself clandestinely in cases where the perpetrators are people with the ability to do things that you and, up until yesterday, I would not deem possible. I was taken to their headquarters and am now a member, and those cases you are talking about were actually the result of one man who can make people kill other people without even being there. Possibly.

“I had a bad night,” I said.