Photograph taken by Chris Haye

Photograph taken by Chris Haye

Dragon Literature

The company Dragon Literature was simply formed as a catch-all umbrella under which David Kingsmill can produce works using his own name and his pseudonym.  The name originated because of his love of all things draconic!

David Kingsmill

David is a storyteller and creator.  Specific categories within those brackets are merely outlets for those ultimate goals.  David trained as an musical theatre performer and musical director at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

Despite all factual evidence to the contrary, he is not unconvinced that he was born in a theatre.  He soon 'zoomed out' in the creative process and became a writer, also branching out from the theatre world as he did so.

He found his first success in a writing project during the NaNoWriMo in 2012, when he completed his first novel, which was recently published under his pseudonym, David A. Xavier.  The personal victory spurred him on, and he continued to write.

2014 was a big year for him. As well as the publishing of The Puppet Master, but his first two major drama works were performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe - So What If I Dance? and Out Of The Lens.  You can look at the specific project pages for more information. An Edinburgh Fringe veteran, David also performed solo cabarets there before: Not So Far To Reach: The Songs of David Kingsmill in 2011, and Mr Millennium: Issue #1 in 2012.  He was the arranger-composer and musical director for Fringe 2011 sell-out show Hitler: The Musical!

He has created The Requiem Project, an umbrella under which he is writing works commemorating the Channel Dash, a World War II action from February 1942.  The first of these, Requiem: Unsung Heroes - The Airman, was performed at the LOST Theatre 5-minute festival in 2012, at the War And Peace Show in both 2012 and 2013, and was picked up by Hornby and published as a limited collector’s edition exclusive item in their Channel Dash commemorative Airfix kit.  A second monologue, The Seaman has not yet been performed, and David co-wrote the play Cerberus with Timothy Trimingham Lee.  He plans a full-scale production for the 75th anniversary of the action, in 2017.

Future productions from David include this play, the sequels to The Puppet Master - The Night Banks and The Chandler's Den are in various stages of the process - and a long-term hobby-project to write a factual book about the evolution and recent history of playing cards.

David is a presenter for the podcast MusicalTalk, and Musical Director for Hidden Talent Productions.

Why David A. Xavier?

David created a nom de plume in order to differentiate between his more serious works (presented under his own name) and those of a more speculative or fantastical nature.  He is quite open about the name, and it is not an attempt to disguise himself under another identity!

What's this dragon, then?

Sometimes people create an image or a logo and it is so cool that they have to have a tattoo done of it.  In my case, I had a tattoo done and it was so cool that I had to make my company logo out of it.  The wonderful Ashe Tattoos in Toronto, Canada - something of a wizard when it comes to tattooing dragons - and I collaborated on the design, and Liz Bonsey and I worked on then adding the book and creating the Dragon Literature logo.